Our Mission

To become a world-leading, community-focused recruitment company by adopting the latest technology and creating an unrivalled customer experience!


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  • Bonus holiday over Xmas
  • 1 on 1 training with Industry Leaders
  • Free Friday Lunch
  • Bonus for passing probation
  • No furloughs to date!
  • Rapid Career Progression (35% of staff promoted already in 2021)
  • Extra Day Off On Your Birthday
  • Excellent Compensation Package
  • Visit the South West's Top Restaurants
  • Three company holidays a year
  • Founded by two of the Industries' Top Performers
  • Super Social Culture!
  • Work with some of Europe's Top Tech Companies
  • Our expected growth for 2021-22 is 721%!!!
  • Early Finish Friday's for drinks
  • Become part of a startup disrupting a £56 Billion Industry
  • Opportunity For Frequent European Travel

When creating Foxtek, we wanted to build a culture where personal learning and development was fundamental to the fabric of the business. Taking people with little to no experience and enabling them to be great at what they do is our core focus!

Tom Page & Tom Baker

It's really hard not to sound contrived when writing employee testimonials, but I can honestly say, Foxtek is an incredible place to work. From the first day I started here just under 9 months ago, I knew I was in the right place for me. Firstly, the people I am surrounded by every day are some of the best, in a lot of ways. They're hard-working, motivated, and care about your success just as much as their own. They're actually your friends; not just people you have 2-minute conversations with around the coffee machine about what you did at the weekend, but people who really are important to you and make an impact in your life, inside and outside of work. Secondly, there is genuinely nothing in your way at Foxtek. Wherever you want to go in your career, you can go, and you'll get the support you need along the way, and that's really exciting. Finally, you have one-on-one training with some of the best in the industry. There are very few companies that grant you access to the Founders the way Foxtek does, and that closeness is invaluable for young professionals at the start of their careers.

Lucy Wand
Tech Consultant

I know it's hard to believe because I never saw it as an option either, but I genuinely enjoy coming into work. There are many things I love about Foxtek but to summarise a few: 1. I love the autonomy you’re given at Foxtek as well as the encouragement to add value and bring new ideas from day 1. Foxtek allows you to make an impact and influence, it’s a place where everything you do, you can see and is part of a bigger mission. 2. Foxtek’s focus on L&D is second to none. You're surrounded by incredibly driven people day in and day out and receive consistent support from top-performers in the industry. Since joining Foxtek, I have developed significantly both professionally and personally. 3. I love that every birthday, work anniversary, promotion & milestone is acknowledged and celebrated amongst the team. 4. Foxtek has an amazing culture that is both collaborative and inclusive. This is seen in the fact everyone in the office is keen to lend advice/support and when we come together over welcome drinks to celebrate each new starter joining, making sure they have a chance to socialise with everyone and settle in. As a team, we’re keen to socialise beyond work hours and don’t just associate Foxtek with work. There is a great balance between having a laugh and working hard. I feel Foxtek fosters a great sense of community. Since joining Foxtek, I have learnt and developed so much, experienced so many amazing activities, restaurants and sites, made great friendships and I look forward to continuing my career at Foxtek.

Megan Woodruffe
Operations Administrator

Before starting my recruitment career, I interviewed at multiple recruitment companies and planned to choose the one I liked the most at the end of the process. After being introduced to Foxtek, the collaborative culture, the social life and the clear career progression and commission structure that Foxtek provided, already put them at the forefront of my mind. I can confidently say this image lived up to the experience. I had always imagined starting a career and going through the boring motions of a standard day-to-day job. At Foxtek, coming into work feels exciting. Not only do you get to work alongside an amazing team, you are consistently monitored and trained by top performers in the industry, who remember what it was like to begin their recruitment career, and help you accordingly. This includes the two Founders of the company, Tom and Tom. You can pick their brains at any point in the day, to see how they did it, to further your development, it’s fantastic. There is a clear focus here at Foxtek, and that is YOUR-development. You are trained to become the best recruitment consultant out there, whilst celebrating your milestones as you go along. I have felt a huge sense of support since joining here at Foxtek and feel a huge sense of pride to be a part of the team.

Charlie Brown
Tech Analyst

At Foxtek you're part of a culture of motivated and driven people who support each other and their success. I've been here for just under a year and have already learned so much about myself. Working at Foxtek, I'm constantly improving myself within the company but also outside of work which I absolutely love. I'm also grateful to have the opportunity to be managed and mentored by some of the best. It's a unique culture here, you work hard but that hard work definitely pays off with rewards like Lunch Club, promotion gifts and holiday targets. It's exciting to picture where the company will be in the future.

Lucia Alcock
Tech Sourcer

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